5 Things to Do on Vacation between Tropea and Capo Vaticano

Discover the 5 things to do on vacation between Tropea and Capo Vaticano: the beautiful beaches, the historic center of Tropea, foods, and traditions to fully experience your vacation.

Praia I Focu

Did you know that just a few meters from our beach lies one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy? Praia I Focu, reachable only by sea, hidden among the high cliffs of Capo Vaticano with sheer rocks overlooking the sea and crystal-clear waters. You can reach it with an organized tour or simply by renting a canoe, an experience not to be missed during your vacation near Tropea.

Capo Vaticano View Point

Just a ten-minute walk from the Costa Real Tropea, you absolutely must not miss the fascinating view from this panoramic point: il Belvedere ai Cannoni of Capo Vaticano; from here you can admire our wonderful Coast named Costa degli Dei, from above you’ll see the charming beaches. Continuing the walk, you can reach the Capo Vaticano Lighthouse. For an even more romantic experience, we recommend arriving at one of these strategic points at sunset time, so you can contemplate the kiss between the sun over the Tyrrhenian Sea and Stromboli Volcano. A moment to enjoy during your vacation between Tropea and Capo Vaticano.

Foto del Belvedere di Capo Vaticano
Aperitivo Vista Stromboli


A splendid city located on a promontory overlooking the sea, just seven kilometers away from the Costa Real Resort there is Tropea, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea; famous for its beauty, for the of beaches it hosts, and for the suggestive panorama that can be observed from the various terraces present.  

After a day lying on Grotticelle Beach in Capo Vaticano, what could be better than a stroll in the magnificent city of Tropea?

Local Typical Products

In Capo Vaticano, you can discover the enogastronomy of typical Calabrian products; let yourself be overwhelmed by the genuineness of the ingredients of our wonderful land!  

You can taste the ice cream of Pizzo, the onion of Tropea, ‘Nduja, cold cuts, ancient wines, and much more, with organized tours or simply dining in local restaurants.  

In July and August, you can also participate at the local festivals of the neighboring cities, which are that are an immersion into the gastronomy, folkrore and culture of our land